Ironing straight on Synthetic will melt the fabric, will mark your blanket and stick to your iron.
ALWAYS use a tea towel or cotton fabric over patch.

    1. Determine whether your fabric can withstand a heat setting for ironing. Check the tag on your rug/blanket for instructions or type of fabric.
    2. If you are unsure use a tea towel or cotton fabric over the area to be patched.
    3. Empty any water out of the iron  –  IMPORTANT
    4. Preheat iron to a HOT setting.
    5. Cut patch to the size of the rip, allowing for some overhang
    6. Round corners of the patch with a pair of scissors to prevent fraying.
    7. Place the tea towel or cloth over the top
    8. Position patch SHINY SIDE DOWN – the sticky side DOWN
    9. Press with iron for minimum 3-5  minutes – keep iron MOVING
    10. Allow the patch to cool, then check the bond
    11. Finish by pressing around the edges
    12. Check adhesion 
    13. If patch has not stuck, use iron for another 1-2 minutes, keeping iron moving