MFH – Collier’s Rip It Patch It

Collier’s Rip It Patch It – Horse Rug/Blanket Iron-On Repair Patches!

Our patches were born from the frustration and the costs to mend our own horse rugs. We were constantly repairing rugs for our horses and decided to find a solution. We did research, development, and testing over 18 months prior to manufacturing. The testing stage was to test fabrics, adhesives, and durability to withstand all weather elements in all countries.

We travelled to many horse shows armed with an ironing board and patches to do demonstrations.

The patches were a hit.

Our Iron-On Repair Patches have also been used on work pants and trousers, tents, canvas, ski clothes – anywhere a tough and durable patch is needed.

More For Horses brand was introduced as we designed new products and is now the global name.

We have now created CLIPLESS Leg Straps. Our leg straps are easy to fit, great emergency fix, wash and wear and can be fitted whilst rug still on your horse. They can also be used as a lead rope or float tie-up.

Our products are available in AU, USA, UK, and New Zealand.

· Save Money – no more paying anyone to fix your rugs
· Save Time – no downtime waiting for rugs to come back
· Value – 4 large pieces per pack – cut to size required
· Easy fix tears, rips, holes – 5 mins to iron on
· Long-lasting – customer reviews of lasting 2 years and longer
· Rug Types – can be used on many different types of rugs, mesh, synthetic, canvas, fly, flag, water-resistant, and many other fabrics
· No sewing required – mend your rug in minutes
· 18 months of testing – ensured fabric and adhesive used are the highest grades for their lasting ability
· Food grade adhesive – non-toxic
· Australian designed and owned since 2011 – quality products

Stay tuned for more exciting products to come.