When correctly fitted using the right lengths and placements, horse rug leg straps will keep your horse’s blanket securely in place, when snoozing or galloping. The purpose of a horse blanket is to keep the animal warm, comfortable, clean and dry. This can only be achieved if it is fitted correctly, so knowing the correct way to fasten and adjust the horse rug leg straps on the most common types of horse blankets ensures your horse remains comfortable and happy while wearing their horse blanket.

The purpose of horse rug leg straps

Horse rug leg straps are designed to prevent injuries to your horse by keeping their blankets in place. If a horse blanket was to slip back and forth while a horse is moving, it could result in painful sores on your horse from the rubbing. This would not only cause distress and injury to your horse, but could also prevent you from riding until they heal.

A loose or fallen blanket is a potential tripping or tangling hazard that could allow your horse to become caught on trees, fences or other obstacles.

Fastening Horse rug leg straps

  • First, place the blanket on your horses back and fasten the belly straps or band. If using velcro belly bands, they should be fitted so they are snug, if using straps, they should be just tight enough so you can slide your hand between the strap and the horse
  • Then bucket the chest strap or band
  • Stand on your horses left side with the left leg strap in your hand and pass it between your horse’s rear legs and up to the “D” shackle on the left side.
  • Walk around to the horse’s right side and fasten the strap on the right leg by crossing the right leg strap through the left strap and fastening it to the “D” shackle

To adjust the horse rug leg straps length

The straps may need to be adjusted when new or placing on a different horse.

Check that all the horse rug leg straps are fully open before putting the blanket on the horse, once in place; adjust each strap so your hand will slide between the strap and the leg. The strap can be adjusted using the buckle or closure if fitted in the middle of the strap.

If you need to use two blankets on one horse, remove the horse rug leg straps on the bottom blanket and only use the straps on the top blanket to secure the two blankets. This is because, by using both sets of straps, their bulk could impede the houses normal movements.

Often your horse blanket can become torn or ripped and needs to be repaired. As soon as you see tears or holes develop, it’s a good idea to repair them as soon as possible as they will quickly develop into much larger issues or could lead to the destruction of the blanket. A very simple solution is to use an Australian designed and made iron on patch

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