Now there is a very easy and practical way for horse owners to repair all types of damage on their horse’s sheets, blankets and rugs using horse rug patches. Horse covers are very expensive items, but necessary for your horses protection and comfort.

When you find a tear or hole in your horse’s rug or blanket, it’s advisable to repair it as soon as possible as these small tears can soon become much larger and a big hole or tear is much harder to mend. There are two ways to mend most small rips, tears and holes, they are darning with a needle and thread, gluing or ironing on horse rug patches or using horse blanket adhesive tape.

Many people find that using a mixture of different methods works depending on where the hole or tear is and its size. Iron on horse rug patches are adaptable and can be used anywhere you require horse rug patches.

Often it is advantageous to glue horse rug patches inside, between the different layers and then place another horse rug patch on the outside. You then have the choice of stitching around the edges to ensure the patch lasts or if you prefer to, just leave it as is.

You could use a horse rug repair kit; these usually come with patch material and special glue or try an iron on patch for a quick and permanent solution. Another method is to use reinforced adhesive tape. This is easy to apply and helps to hold the blanket together for a temporary fix before you sew horse rug patches over the damaged area.

A small tear or hole can often be fixed using a darning stitch and a heavy thread or a speedy stitcher on the original material and then apply on horse repair patches to finish the job.

Some horses are very gentle on their blankets while others seem not to care for them much and seem to spend their time destroying them. Knowing your horse’s behaviour can often determine the best method you need to use for repairs. Often it’s advisable to have a spare blanket as some repairs can take a bit of time and they usually need to be done at inconvenient times, right when your horse needs their blanket.


Most people will find that braided thread is best for stitching horse rug patches onto their horse’s rug; a speedy sticher is an ideal tool to use for this as it has a heavy needle with an eye, the same as a sewing machine and a nice handle that holds the thread. This handle allows you to push the needle through the horse rug patches and blanket with ease and make a stitch that looks quite professional. If you run out of the proper thread, fishing line is known to work well and dental floss can be used in a pinch.

Straps and horse blanket hardware is best repaired as soon as you notice, as they are easily lost and not too difficult to repair yourself. For more information on horse rug patches and repairing your horse’s gear join our mailing list and receive lots of useful information and access to discounts and special offers on our products that make looking after and enjoying your horse easier